Good Friday Fish Burgers

Just to prove that we don’t always make the effort, our Good Friday fare was somewhat less than stellar this year. I’d been thinking about some kind of prawn dish, but we were really focused on giving the flat a complete Spring Autumn clean, and shopping and prepping for the “Feaster” Easter Sunday Luncheon for
the family … and I simply forgot to go to the fish market. Then before I knew it Scott was home, and nothing had been taken out of the freezer, and … well, this was the best I could do on short notice.

I pulled some fish fingers out of the freezer along with some bake-at-home rolls, chopped some lettuce and Spanish onion, and dolloped in some tartare sauce. Oh, and Scott hand-cut some potatoes, so we ended up with a mini fishburger and fries, on our laps in front of the television. And it was good! I won’t insult anyone with a so-called “recipe”, but at least we did the traditional thing and ate fish, I guess.

Sadly my attempts at encouraging Easter-appropriate tv viewing were met with disdain – my reputation for choosing holiday-appropriate films pretty much died back in 2005, when I brought home Mad Mel’s Passion of the Christ because I thought it might make good Good Friday viewing. And what a fun night that was.

The reverberations can still be felt six years on, because despite my suggestion (“Look! It’s got Roman soldiers! And probably the Dance of the Seven Veils!”) cut no ice whatsoever. And so it was that, the 1961 MGM classic King of Kings, through no fault of its own, stayed unwatched on Good Friday 2011. Instead we caught up with one of the tv series we’ve been meaning to catch up on – an ITV medical drama Monroe, starring James Nesbitt as a neurosurgeon – and some medical reality tv with Boston Med, which is a slightly more free-flowing version of our very own homegrown RPA.

I guess we didn’t get too far away from suitable themes – life, death, and (medical) miracles – after all.

Happy Easter, all.


~ by swalloworspit on April 24, 2011.

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